Aradia (complex_angel) wrote in carebears_4_lj,


I have a ton of carebears to sell. I'm in a serious crisis right now and need to sell stuff to keep my home and to buy food for myself and cat. Anyway, I have ALOT of them so I'm not going to take pictures of all of them. I have original ones and the new ones that came out a few years ago (some still in their original package). If you're looking for a certain carebear, I might have it. I also have other carebear accessories, like snow globes, christmas tree ornaments, bracelet, t-shirt (L), shoelaces, sticker book, costume (handmade, it's a wishbear costume), etc. If any of these things interest you, let me know and I will take a picture of the item for you and post it. We can negotiate pricing when you contact me. I accept paypal (preferred), money orders and concealed cash.

my email is if you have any questions.

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